Traditional Healing with Trisha
At Mother Bear Traditional Healing Arts, the healing comes from Stone Medicine, herbalism, energy healing including Reiki and Healing Hands.

Stone Medicine is an ancient Native American practice that looks like massage therapy but uses the placement and movement of hot and cool stonesto soothe the body. This practice calms the nervous system and the mind and bring intuitive guidance.

Healing Hands is also a part of the Stone Medicine experience and is a hands-on relaxation practice that promotes healing in the body and brings intuitive guidance. Similar to the Japanese practice of Reiki, and is part of most sessions.

Reiki is a Japanese technique of laying hands on the body to promote relaxation, rest, digest, cellular and spiritual healing.

Herbal support and products are available for purchase. Trisha has studied plant medicine healing for over a decade and is an apprentice of author and herbalist, Robin Rose Bennett.

Call or text Trisha for a consultation or to book an appointment. 540-435-1433