A 10-Month Journey of Plant and Stone.

Mother Bear Herbal Apprenticeships: image
Mother Bear Herbal Apprenticeship:  a 10-month Journey of Plant and Stone is coming. The commitment is for one weekend a month, in which students will learn both plant medicines (Saturdays) and Stone Medicines (Sundays). We will study the Wise Woman traditional way of understanding plants from the heart and also, we will be making herbal medicine on Saturdays.  Then, on Sundays we will turn to Stone Medicine. Trisha is a certified instructor of Stone Medicine, which is a type of Native American bodywork that heals the physical and spiritual self. The protocols will be easy stone layout on the body, and Healing Hands teachings and practice.

Price includes but not limited to:

Plants and seeds to start your garden
Text Books
Mother Bear Study Guide
Garden teaching and support
Medicinal plants to take home
Medicine making materiels (jars, dried herbs, honey, etc.)
Herbal Field Trips
Art materials

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